Address Your Stress

An overdosage of stress is acknowledged as the number one cause for all illnesses and diseases. All problems related to health or relationships can be pinned down to a stress in the body.

This is why Simply Relaxation is dedicated to providing resources around the relief, management, most importantly the prevention of stress and of course everything that is related to relaxation and your well-being.

Stress has become part of our every day life, unfortunately mostly in a negative way. If one area of our life is infected with stress, often other areas become affected, too. On the positive side, if we can release, prevent – or if nothing else helps – learn how to cope with stress in a specific area, it will mostly automatically better the situation in another life topic and this might create an upward spiral that finally leads out of stress.

Simply Relaxation´s approach is – well, simple. We believe that stress can be tackled in three ways: Through Massage, Movement and Mindfulness!

1) Massage and Bodywork

Provides Instant Stress-Relief – Relaxation done on/for you

Simply Relaxation´s signature treatment is Traditional Thai Yoga Massage with influences from ZenThai and Shiatsu. It is of course always fantastic to have a treatment done on you where you can relax deeply, be nurtured, become whole again and heal from within. All you need to do is to choose your favourite treatment, pick up the phone and make a booking.

However using acupressure, tapping, self-massage and stretching are modalities that are extremely powerful and also work really well when they are done on oneself.

2) Movement – Relaxation In Motion

For Intermediate Stress-Management – You learn about and practice methods that help you to relax yourself when stress can´t be avoided

For those who like to have a variety of options and resources to help themselves. Become familiar with practices like Thai Yoga, Meditation, ChiBall, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Feldenkrais and many others in a class or group setting and use your favourite or the most appropriate methodology for the situation anywhere or any time you need to de-stress quickly and effectively.

3) Mindfulness

Supports Long-term Stress-Prevention – Workshops, seminars, wellness- and self-coaching programs provide you with the strategies to prevent harmful stress levels and add more meaning and purpose in your life

Prevention is better than cure. Finding out what triggers a stress response in you enables you to either avoid the situation or – if that’s not possible – learn how to better respond to it. Stress is a very complex and extensive topic. That´s why we have created a whole website solely dedicated to providing a broad range of information relating to stress. Topics include stress types, symptoms of stress, causes of stress, four levels of stress, stress and weight loss, and much more, including ideas how you can create your very personal ‘Pro-Wellness-Anti-Stress-Lifestyle’.

Relaxation through Massage, Movement and Mindfulness offers many options. Each of these methodologies is focused on on their own specific website. You will find that there sometimes is an overlap. Especially traditional Thai Yoga massage is actually a combination of all of them, which makes it such a powerful, effective and beneficial treatment.

But let´s not stop there.

Sometimes it´s the simple things that have a big impact or make a huge difference. That´s why we have included even…

More Relaxation – Topics and Strategies

Thoughts, Ideas, Concepts and Principles

Sorted by key words, these articles explore lifestyle choices, insights to life, self-leadership, reflections and other topics.


You can lean back with your favourite juice or smoothie and …

Relax With – Inspiration And Empowerment

When Change is not necessary, but Motivation is.

You may already have made the necessary changes to be authentic and live your life of choice. However there are times when we all want reassurance that we are on the “right” path or we just need a reminder that “life’s good”.

As Zig Ziglar said:

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.

Here are some inspirational thoughts, pictures, movies and other resources for self-motivation.

Our category for encouraging excerpts, inspirational ideas, motivational movies, powerful programs or sensitive stories.


Resources and Downloads

Change Facilitation – Charts, worksheets, planners, questionnaires,facts, etc.

Change takes commitment and forming new habits. It doesn’t happen by chance, but by choice. Our tools will help to choose sustaining and beneficial rituals for the lifestyle that suits you best.

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