52 Simply Relaxation Tips – 4: 3 Steps to Inner Peace

Mudras for Inner Peace

When you feel out of whack, beside yourself or out of center, you may want to try these Mudras for Inner Peace.

Mudras are hand positions that are a great value for no money and only little time, which makes them a beautiful investment in yourself.

You should be aware of the side effects though, which range from releasing tension over increased grounding to recharging your battery. These exercises should only be done if you can handle more inner peace.

So if you are up for feeling calm and focused, here are three simple and easy steps for you to restore or increase your well-being:

1. Release – for Calmness

Letting go of tension

This mudra draws anxiety and tension into your hands from where you can easily let them go.

  • Sit straight and tall, either cross legged, in Seiza (like a Geisha) or comfortably on a chair with your legs flat on the ground
  • Hold your arms parallel to the floor, then bend the elbows so that there is a right angle and your fingers are pointing upwards at approximately ear level.
  • Now extend your fingers to create a soft pull in the hand and rotate your hands back and forth or in a spiraling movement.

When you feel that you are done, drop your hands loosely to your sides and shake them out. Imagine how every rest of stress or tension that might have been left is leaving your body.

2. Relax – for Tranquility

Promotes a grounding feeling

Tranquility helps you to cut through external or internal chaos and opens you up to a place of inner peace.

  • Sit straight and tall as above
  • Bring your arms in front of your chest
  • Place the palm of your right hand on top of your left arm, then move the top of your left arm so that it touches the underside of your right arm
  • Keep the fingers straight and together
  • Breathe deeply from the belly

If you want, imagine a ball of red light extending outward and downward from your tailbone to your feet and into the ground. If you feel that red is not the right colour for you, choose the one you are comfortable with.

3. Recharge – For Energy

Recharging your batteries

When your battery runs out of energy, this mudra is like plugging yourself into a wall socket

  • Sit straight and tall as above
  • Rest your wrists on your knees or thighs
  • Bring the tips of your thumb and the pointer finger together
  • Breathe deeply from your belly

Bringing thumb and pointer finger together creates an energetic circuit in your hands that promotes deeper breathing. If you want, you can imagine the cycle of your breathe extending from your belly into your hands with the exhale, and back from where your hands rest into the belly.

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