52 Simply Relaxation Tips – 5: Center Yourself

Centering Movement

Have you ever had the feeling as if you were “standing beside yourself”?

When everything around us seems chaotic, we wish nothing more than feeling centered within ourselves, to be clear about what we need to do and to be focused.

Being centered means being in, connecting to and acting from your core. As a result, you become more aware about your surroundings, your place in relation to your environment.

This exercise can be done anywhere and will help to quickly un-clog the flow of Chi – your life energy – when it is blocked through internal or external stresses.

Often we use more energy than necessary, which brings us out of center – as a result we become unbalanced. The movement will help you to find your physical and mental balance, deploying a minimum of energy.

The exercise can be done seated (on a chair without armrest) or standing. If you can, do the standing version.

    1. Seated: Sit at the front of your chair or stool, with an upright spine that is not touching the back of the chair. Keep both feet on the floor and have them uncrossed. Your arms hang loosely on your sides.
      Standing: Stand with your feet parallel, knees unlocked, tailbone softly and comfortably tucked under.
    2. Relax your shoulder, lift your sternum, lift your chin so that your head sits comfortably on your shoulders
    3. With a deep inhale, raise both arms above the sides above the head
    4. At the top of the inhale, with both hands above the head and reaching up, hold your breathe for a moment. (This is when your Chi gets extracted from your breathe)

Bring your fingertips close or together, palms facing downwards and with the exhale lower your hands to your lower abdomen (your Dantian) and then around beside the hips

Repeat at least 3 times or a multiple of 3,6 or 9

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