52 Steps For More Relaxation – 3: Shake it off

Shake Your Stress Off

When we are stressed we have a tendency to tense up, sometimes throughout the whole body.

An easy exercise to release stress and get rid off some tension at the same time comes from Qi Gong. The exercise is as effective as it is simple. No equipment is necessary, not even special clothes, which makes it the ideal practice even – or especially – at the office.

How to do the exercise:

  • Stand upright, with your feet approximately should width apart, toes pointing forward, knees unlocked, tailbone gently tucked, long in the spine, with an upright head
  • Start with a soft bounce in your knees, getting more vigorous as you include your hips, shoulders, arms and hands. Imagine your wet and you want to shake off all the water from your body
  • While you shake your body, imagine that due to the vibration, the stress can’t hold on to your body anymore. Feel yourself getting looser and looser, more gummy with every shake
  • When you feel that all the tension has left your body, slowly fade out with the shaking and hold your hands beside your hips
  • End the exercise with three deep breathes, bringing your hands and arms up over the sides with the inhale and down along and close to the midline of your body to your lower abdomen with the exhale
  • Hold your hands on your belly, allow a few moments for your energy to settle and for you to enjoy the feeling of calmness

This is only one of many practices from Qi Gong, which offers many more ideas to either get your energy up or help you to calm down. To learn more about how Qi Gong is beneficial for your health and well-being, click here.

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