Get Your Chi Moving – How To Raise Your Energy And Increase Your Physical, Mental And Emotional Performance

Are you familiar with the tiredness that usually hits around 10am and often again at 3pm?

Well, it is a very obvious sign that your ‘Chi’ – your energy – is low.

Chi is the Chinese term for vital energy or life energy, also called Ki in Japanese, Sen in Thai or Prana in Ayurvedic (Indian) tradition.

The belief in those and other cultures is that Chi/Ki/Sen/Prana… runs through energy lines in the body that are not visible, but which can be sensed by trained practitioners and even the aware individual.

People who experience a lot of stress, grief, anger, frustration or other strong emotions without finding a balancing counterpart or learning a resourceful way to deal with these emotions, over time develop blockages in their energy lines which are called meridians (Chinese and Japanese), Sen lines (Thai) or Nadis (Ayurveda).

Those blockages are experienced as tensions and are often the first symptoms that something is not quite as it should be. If no attention is given to those signals, the body uses a more intense language to express the need for Chi, which can’t pass the blockages in the energy line. This is when dis-comfort starts to turn into dis-ease, which will become serious or chronic illnesses if only the symptom, but not the real cause is treated.

A blockage in an energy line causes the Chi flow to slow down or even to stagnate. As a result you feel tired, exhausted, weary… Your body starts to go in recovery mode, winds down to safe energy or to get in a state where it thinks it can regain some vigour. It is your body´s way to say it needs time to repair itself.

The stronger the flow of Chi, the quicker is your recovery time and the easier it is for your body to initiate whichever healing process is necessary, which means it is a vital prerequisite to provide your system with high quality and quantity Chi.

There are a few simple ways to do that:

1. Breathe

Breathing deeply into your belly helps to take in lots of oxygen and Chi, provided it is fresh air. Avoid closed, all day air conditioned rooms if you can. At least in a break, search for a place close to a tree, garden or natural water.

2. Eat

Nutritious food like organic fruit and vegetables are great carriers of Chi. It may not be suitable for everyone to eat vegetables raw, but if your constitution allows, go for it.

3. Drink

Choose pH neutral, if possible mineral rich water and drink it at room temperature. Ice cold or very chilled drinks make it hard for the spleen to bring intakes to a temperature where their nutritional components can be split and sent to the relevant systems and a lot of the value gets lost.

4. Exercise gentle and thoughtful moves

While Qi Gong is referred to as the art of generating Chi, Tai Chi is the modality that helps to manage it. Yoga focuses on breathing, heating the body and keeping or ideally increasing its flexibility. Pilates exercises strengthen and stabilise the core, movements based on the Feldenkrais method may release memories that are stored in body tissue and increases body awareness.

5. Relax

Meditation and deep relaxation quieten and bring focus to your mind and spirit. There are many ways to meditate or to relax. Even a short walk in a park or along the beach for those who are privileged to have one close can make a huge difference in a stressful working routine.

The Problem

Taking time to do the different exercises can be the hardest part. How can someone possibly fit in enough time for routines in Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, a Feldenkrais session and then a meditation on top?

Certainly, you don’t have to do them all and some may not even spark your interest.

Maybe you are happy to stick with one of the mentioned methods because you get all you need there.

But if you read this far chances are good that like me you are a person that likes choice and that you might be interested to find out what alternative options are available for you.

I have found one that makes my heart sing and it is my pleasure to introduce The ChiBall Method™.

A perfect combination

The ChiBall Method™ is a body-mind exercise program that is build on the above mentioned philosophies and also considers Yin and Yang, the Five Elements and seasons known from TCM – traditional Chinese medicine.

A ChiBall™ is a ball the size of a honey melon, available in six different colours, each with a specific fragrance, utilising the therapeutic powers of aromas and colours while performing a choreographed routine to specifically composed music.

A typical ChiBall™ class is gently balancing, energising, activating Chi and relaxing and can be adapted to suit older adults, children, high achievers, mums-to-be, athletes or mixed classes.

Watch the video for more details:

To learn more about The ChiBall Method™ or to find a practitioner in your area go to the website

ChiBall™ classes in Townsville are held at Simply Relaxation’s premises at Shop 12, 203 Kings Road, Pimlico (close to the Fulham Road roundabout, above Gallery 6 and the Art Society).

Bookings are essential and can be done via email to info[at] .au or by calling 0439 265 230.

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