How To Quickly Boost Your Immune System

Conception Meridian CV 17crop

Stress is affecting us constantly, sometimes more and sometimes less, but mostly with a negative impact on our whole body, especially the immune system.

If our stress level is high, it´s great to have a quick, effective and easy strategy to give your immune system a boost while at the same time sending signals to the body to “calm down”.

The reason why we want to keep our immune system healthy is due to its function: to keep our body fit and well by fighting off diseases, like the common colds and flu´s, but also to protect against even more invasive and destructive threats like cancer. Keeping our immune system up and running should be one of our main priorities.

Traditional Chinese Medicine provides us with the theory, that we have energy lines, called meridians, running in our body. On these meridian lines there are points that enable an easy exchange of energy between inside and outside and an “unblocking” of the energy flow through acupressure.

One of those meridians, the Conception Vessel, is running upwards on the mid-line on the front of the body. The 17th acupressure point on this line, CV 17, is believed in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to reduce the effects of stress and restore a sense of calm, which is what we want for our immune system.

Activating the healing effects of CV 17 – The Sea of Tranquility (Dan Zhong)

1. Find the point

CConception Meridian CV 17cropV 17 lies on the point where the 3rd rib meets on the sternum (the bone that connect left and right ribs) at the height of the nipples.




2. Breathe deeply

Breathing correctly and deeply is one of the most powerful healing tools we have freely available.

Using the Breathe For Health Technique, take a few breaths, lifting your head slightly with the inhale and dropping it back a little towards the chest with the exhalation, while placing the palm of your hand on the point CV 17. This helps to deepen your breathing

3. Tapping

Using either the knuckles of a lose fist or the fingertips, tap on the point directly or the whole area of the sternum. It is the vibration that stimulates the point and which initiates the change of frequency in the energy flow.

Tap as long as it feels comfortable or until you feel a shift, but give it at least 10 to 15 seconds. If practised as part of a whole meridian tapping sequence, you can move a bit faster.

If you are uncomfortable with the tapping, simply lightly place the tip of your middle finger directly on the point, while allowing your index and ring fingertips to rest gently just above and below the point next to the middle finger. Continue with the mindful breathing.

Healing Effects

Along with K 27 – Shu Mansion (under the collarbones) and L.I. 4 – Hegu (in the fleshy part between thumb and pointer finger), CV 17 is one of the most beneficial points with a diverse range of attributes:

  • considered to be the best point to relieve anxiety
  • stops a panic attack before it has a chance to escalate
  • deepens the breathing
  • stimulates your thymus gland
  • can help reduce the effects of stress
  • restores a sense of calm
  • relieves anxiety, anguish, nervousness, and depression
  • good for PTSD, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Depression,
  • helps fight hormonal imbalances,
  • regulates the need for substance abuse
  • reduces suicidal thoughts, anxiety attacks, trauma, fear,
  • supports recovering from a injury or surgery and much more

Side Effects:

Emotional stress can damage the small intestine and heart meridians, which can create emotional imbalances. As a side effect, CV 17 is an excellent point for balancing these meridians.
There are no negative side effects :-)

Other uses:

Working gently with CV 17 may be helpful in falling asleep at night, reducing stress while at work, and at any time when you need a gentle reminder to restore calmness and tranquillity.

If your symptoms persist even though you practise several times daily for an extended period of time, it is advisable to look for the core of your issue, as symptoms continue until the true cause of the discomfort or disease are addressed.

If you want to learn more acupressure points and beneficial exercises, join us for Qi Gong or ChiBall or do it from the comfort of your home.

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