52 Simple Tips For More Relaxation – 2: New Beginnings And Growth

52 Tips For Less Stress and more Relaxation

How did you start 2014? Did you release the old year and embrace the new with some new goals?
I made a choice on the 1.of January: I’ve given up making New Year’s Resolutions.

Instead I decided to make actual changes and immediately take action. Of course I still set some goals, because I strongly believe that in order to change, we need to have a goal to work towards, something that is strong enough to pull us up when we don’t feel like going on, something we are really passionate about, something that is so big that it’s almost scary.

One of my inspiring goals is to provide some practical and easy-to-implement ideas that bring you more relaxation and will help you to address, manage, reduce and prevent stress.

So here is your idea for the second week in 2014. Actually it’s a set of ideas related to Feng Shui:

1. Get rid of the old, invite the new.
The initial intention of fireworks is to scare away the ghosts of the old year to make room for the new helpers. This was already done for you through our amazing fire workers. Thanks for a wonderful display.
Another way to clear your space – and one which you can do yourself – is through cleaning, literally. By With a New Year’s Clean. A clean space has a clear and clean energy that can flow freely, which reflects positively back to you.

2. Be/come the Commander
If you can, place your bed in a position from which you have the widest view of the room. Ideally it would be supported by a solid wall. That way you create a “Command Position” from which you can see, feel safe and feel supported.

3. Have your moments of Gratitude
Practicing Gratitude holds enormous power. As we express Gratitude for the good we have, we vibrate at a certain frequency, which invites more of that which we are grateful for into our lives. This phenomenon is part of what has become known as the Law Of Attraction and it’s one of the most essential “ingredients” to attract more abundance into your life. Again, it’s an energy thing: what you send out is what you get back.

4. Shift your focus
If you aren’t already, shift the focus in regards to your relationship on what is working instead of what is not. Again, by shifting your focus you change your thinking and behaviour, which creates a ripple effect so strong that it can completely change the quality of your relationship.

5. Make abundance grow – literally
Choose an affirmation or even better, a declaration* that is focused on gratitude and appreciation and about something you want to invite (even) more of into your life. Write it on a nice piece of good quality paper. Get an indoor plant, maybe one with lots of green leaves and maybe even pink flowers in a green or purple pot and place the paper in the soil of the plant. Ideally you want to place that plant in the Abundance area of your home, which is roughly in the back left corner of the house from your main entrance. (More Feng Shui tips and explanations are on their way, including a map with the different areas of your home.)
When you water the plant, visualise your area of abundance growing stronger and bigger, more abundant.

I hope you enjoy this weekly simplifying, relaxation and stress less ideas. If you do, please share with your friends through any of the buttons on this page via facebook, twitter or any other medium that suits you. Your support is much appreciated.

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