How Do I Best Maintain The Benefits From My Thai Massage?

During the treatment your body receives signals to initiate a detoxification process for the body, the mind and the spirit.

Some people experience a deep sense of calmness, tranquillity or even peace at the end of the Thai massage, while others feel more alive, energised and ‘light’.

Whatever happens for you is a result of your openness, the intention you give the treatment and what your body needs most at that moment.

The listing below gives you an overview how you can best sustain the process of cleansing, rejuvenating and healing from within.


In order to support the detoxification process it is important to drink a lot, so that your body can easily flush any toxins from nutrition or the environment out of the system.

Purified, filtered and mineralised water is the first choice. High quality filters that preserve the water quality, help maintain a balanced range of minerals and regulate pH, which are easy to install, convenient and highly economical are available from NIKKEN PiMag Water Systems.

Feel free to ask for a representative referral at your next appointment.


You may have experienced that the usual merry-go-round has slowed down during your Nuad Thai experience or that a specific thought has popped into your head, making you wonder where that came from.

Some clients have happened to remember certain events from early or late childhood, others feel wrapped or surrounded by certain colours, while those who have a strong link to the spiritual world find it even easier to connect to their Trusted Source during a Thai massage.

Maybe your observations are more subtle, like realising that you are much more flexible than you thought.

You might also be fortunate to have your mind going blank or in a state of deep relaxation or meditation.

Whatever happens is a great opportunity for reflection.

Could you maybe go to the Yoga class you avoided because you thought you were too stiff?
Have you got a history of suppressed emotions that haunt you at the most inconvenient times?
Do you recognise any patterns that you’d rather exchange for more resourceful rituals?
Was being silent a challenge? What would you have wanted to distract yourself from? What do you fear or hide from?
Where you able to relax your muscles and entrust your body to your practitioner’s hands?
Did you give yourself permission to enjoy the treatment free of guilt?

As one client so appositely said: Thai massage is magic.

What you put in is what you get out:
If you are open to embrace what’s coming up, you will get a hint what might be an important topic of life to face and deal with at the moment.
If you are willing to let go of suppressed emotions, they will (literally) leave you at peace.
If you allow the wisdom of nature to come through your practitioner’s hands and bring you health and well-being, your healing can begin or continue.


Avoid heavy meals for the rest of the day.

Your body is now working hard to repair itself, as in getting rid of toxins – physical, mental and emotional. Heavy meals would take a lot of that power away for digestion.

Instead enjoy a light meal, consisting of raw or lightly cooked vegetables, fresh fruit and maybe steamed fish.


This can be a big one, especially if you have to go back to work after your treatment or you have many appointments or a long to-do-list of task that need attention.

Still, allow yourself at least 30 minutes (or as long as you can) of mentally low or non-challenging work afterwards if you can’t afford to have a rest for as long as your body signals you.

As mentioned before, your body is going in detoxification mode and starts to repair itself. So even if you feel very energised and full of power after your Thai massage, which is just as normal as feeling totally calm and relaxed, not wanting to go back to ‘the world out there’, allow a bit of time to settle in your renewing body. This is a great time to re-connect with your resources and observe what is happening in your body, mind or spirit, so that you can fully and most effectively utilise your new energy.

Bonus Suggestion:


You have now entered the ‘Thai-Way Highway’, a road that will support you on your journey to relaxation and balance, an accelerator for empowerment, an elevator to new heights of peace and ‘lightness’.

I’d like to take the opportunity to invite you to break with conventions, explore who you really are, face your fears and resign from un-resourceful patterns of behaviour, beliefs or emotions.

Learn how you can sustain or even increase your own level of Qi, your personal life force/energy in a Qi Moving or Chakra Balancing term workshop or condensed weekend and become part of a community of ‘Qi Movers’!

Read more about Qi Moving, Chakra Balancing or call for more info.

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