New You? – I Don´t Think So! 10 Steps To A Truer You

New You vs Real You

It´s the afternoon of New Year´s Day 2014 and by now I have already received countless emails including the words:

New Year – New You!

But honestly, I don´t think I want to be a new me. Oh yes, I have my flaws and warts and everything, but why would I want to be a new me? Is there something wrong with how or who I am? (I know a few people who would say yes, but they don´t matter!)

I would rather like to listen to Dr. Seuss advice:

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is You-er than You.

And there shouldn´t be. Neither should anyone try to be someone they are not, don´t you think?

Okay, authenticity may not be as high on your values list as it is on mine, isn´t it much more fun to be the true you instead of being a new you? Who would care anyway?

Imagine simply letting go of the need of people pleasing…how free does that feel?Or waking up with lots of energy because you can just be who you are?
How much easier would your relationships be if you could just be true to yourself?

So I would like to reframe:

New Year – True Year ….or New You – True You

If you would like to strengthen your truth center (also the center for communication and authenticity), here are a few ideas for you:

1. Roll your neck from side to side or up and down
We do this on the ball towards the end of a ChiBall class and the liberating feeling is just awesome!

2. Write a letter
Expressing yourself in writing is strengthening your self confidence and your personal power centre, the partner Chakra of the Throat Chakra, your centre of truth.

3. Have a dialogue with your Inner Child
Inner Child work is also extremely liberating, as it honours the part of you that is most true to itself, but which often unfortunately learns to conform to other people´s opinions, not only creating emotional stress, but also suppressing the truest part of you.

4. Reading out loud
Reading with expression not only strengthens the voice, it is also a fun thing to do and you can get creative in using different voices for different characters, encouraging consideration.

5. Be silent
When we are silent, which usually is part or prerequisite of a meditation practice, we become more aware of the thoughts and mind chatter. Until we create a habit of conscious thinking, it is useful to stop, listen, become aware of and evaluate whether what we think is serving and nurturing us or un-resourceful and destructive.

6. Chant the sacred word Om or Aum
Chanting Om or A-um is like speaking and listening at the same time. The vibration created through speaking the sounds Om or A-um is sad to be the sound vibration of the universe, of all-that-is. By chanting those sounds, or even just thinking them in your mind, you create a frequency that resonates with the universal energy, which is what you are made of.

7. Learn to sing
The movie a King´s Speech is very entertaining to watch – despite, or maybe because of the use of some coarse language. One of the strategies to help the King overcome his stuttering was singing. It strengthens your voice cords as much as your confidence.

8. Get a head, neck and shoulder or a hand massage
The area around the neck is typically getting very tense if we have to suppress our true self a lot. If you have a very dominant boss or partner or find yourself in a situation where you have an opinion but are not aloud or don´t dare to share it, it´s time to make a stand. This kind of situation can severely impact your life in all sorts of (negative) ways, creating a lot of stress on your body, which first and tenaciously manifests in the shoulder and neck area or in the arms and hands.

9. Learn public speakingToastmaster or networking events like BNI provide the perfect opportunity to get more familiar with and loose the fear of public speaking, because they provide a safe and supportive environment of people who cheer each other for and to success and which encourages focused thinking.

10. Have a Chakra or Meridian BalanceIf you experience a lot of pain in your shoulder/neck area, it´s usually an indicator that your body and mind is working through some sort of stress. A Chakra or Meridian Balance is reducing blockages in the flow of your energy and therefore gently and effectively supporting your body´s healing capacity.

If you have a chance to be true to yourself, be true to yourself. If you are required to either conform a lot to specific standards, especially those that are against your values, you may want to consider if you really want to continue the work or relationship in question or at least if there is an option how you can become more authentic. You don´t and will not be able to really use your full potential if you can´t or choose not to perform as the real you.

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