Thai Yoga Massage – Calmness For Body, Mind & Spirit

In this busy life, everyone wishes to spend a few days at the sea side, indulging in a relaxing body massage on the massage couch. Any mention of massage and every single person would say yes, they need it.

Massage is the best way to relax the body, mind and soul and to immediately reduce stress.

There are different types of body massage but Thai massage is renowned all over the world. It is one of the most sought treatments , and people travel across Thailand to experience or learn this type of massage, as well as to have a great time there too!

Thai massage is the combination of acupressure, stretching, and yoga done on you, sometimes known as Thai-yoga massage, or ‘nuad phaen bo rarn’ in Thai, which means ‘ancient manner massage’.
It combines both the relaxation and rejuvenation benefits of massage with the therapeutic effects of yoga.
It is important to stay fit to avoid health problems and give one a positive attitude, and Thai massages fulfills both needs.

Thai massage took birth from ancient Indian ayurvedic culture. There are several styles of Thai massages and each has its own advantages. Some even use aromatherapy oil or lotion, although traditionally a Thai massage is performed in comfortable clothes.

Thai massages are being used to energize different parts of your body, and there are different styles from different parts of the country. The northern styles emphasizes stretching, (and sometimes cracking of the joints similar to that which a western chiropractor may do), while the southern style concentrates more on acupressure.

Thai-Yoga massage is unlike other types of massage. The average remedial massage generally aims to manipulate body parts with the attitude to ‘fix’ the body. Nuad Thai on the other hand looks at the whole person and does not ‘diagnose'; a good practitioner ‘feels Thai’, which means she goes with the flow of energy and ‘listens’ carefully what the body of the receiver is telling her.

Performing a Thai Massage, your practitioner is working on your body as well as your energy lines, incorporating some Yoga Asanas (positions) for specific stretches, which are designed to stimulate the flow of energy through the body.

While most styles of massage use massage plinths or couches, Thai massage is usually performed on a woven mat, or yoga mat on the ground, face down and up, on the side and seated.

Thai Yoga massage involves gentle movements given by the masseur or therapist with hands, feet, knees and legs in order to release the energy and help to let it flow freely. This massage helps to reduce back ache, menstrual pain, headaches and stress.

Yoga Asanas (Sanskrit for positions) help to stretch the body in an energetic way. Similarly, Thai-yoga massage applies stretches to the recipient. This refreshes the body and it increases its flexibility. It encourages participants to meditate during their treatment and find out a deeper awareness about their body. Hence in many ways this is a more active, responsible and enlightening form of massage due to this participation on the part of the client.

Yoga is part of Ayurveda, an ancient Indian healing system that is gaining tremendous popularity all over the world. An aging population has revealed the calming therapies of yoga and massage.

Combining two powerful natural therapies into an effective treatment called Nuad Thai has become the reason for its popularity. Looking at the increasing interest in Thai yoga massage all over the world, many experienced therapists have taken the opportunity to be trained in this form in order to provide a holistic therapy that is so much more than just massage.

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